“My True Life Story”

I comprehend, that my life was preordained by God long before He set the entire universe in
order. My journey, failures, challenges, ordeals, catastrophes, trials, tribulations, prison circumstances,
and including my “HIV Status,” have made me to realized, that there are no limits that can hinder
me from reaching my God given destiny – unless I place those limitations upon myself!” Remember,
the choices that you make today – will determine who or what you will become tomorrow: You are the
product of your mind. Thomas Edison asserted “Many of life’s failures are people who did not
realized how close they were to success when they gave up.”
Nhlakanipho Tsakane Siyanda Sikobi, had spent many awkward years on the street – sleeping out in
the cold freezing weather without blankets, he was also imprisoned on numerous occasions.
Nevertheless, he’d never stopped seeking his dreams, purpose, identity and destiny through God’s
Word – regardless of the “ordeals, facing him daily in prison, like the conditions he was experiencing
in his dark prison cell. However; God shone His “Light” upon his life and the zeal to transform and
discover his dream and purpose was born. He’s absolutely convinced that “Winners” were not
intended to be like Springbuck, but are rather similar to a chameleon, they can change their colour at
any time to blend in with their environment. “What I believe is, they are created with perseverance –
and they walk slowly towards their destiny. Chameleon understands that, to persevere is a sign of
“Victory, – No matter what, they will never change their desire, instinct and determination. Success is
not for people who run swiftly like the Springbuck, but for those who ‘imitate the chameleon’ – and
never worry about how long the journey to success will take. They are determined and optimistic. “If
your determination and potential to excel is strong enough, then Failure, will not defeat the
enthusiasm for success within you, nor the power to discover your core purpose in life. I am absolutely
certain that failure will uplift you to a better place than yesterday. Genuine success is made up of life’s
failures and challenges. It is not made of successful activities. Failure is the only door opening up to
greener pastures.
Nhlakanipho Tsakane Siyanda Sikobi, has ventured through a series of prison predicaments, but he
remained optimistic and patient while serving the twelve year sentence he was convicted to! He was
determined to use his awkward time, and years productively in those dark prison corridors, and
hopelessness environment to accomplish his God given dream and purpose. However, he worked very
hard to further his career, and he graduated to earn a diploma in computer studies, (office data
processing and financial management). He also completed a number of Bible courses to enrich his
spiritual life. And is currently studying for a diploma in Theology. He is a studious leader, good
narrator, author, philosopher, philanthropist, life coach, mentor, HIV & AIDS Activist – and He is
also a dynamic motivational speaker and a powerful evangelist. He is the Founder, Director, CEO,
and President of his Non-profit organisation called – “The New Beginning Youth Development
Organisation,” that specializes in equipping the youth of our country. He resides in Margate on the
South Coast of South Africa – Nkothaneni rural settlement with his parents and siblings.


I’m not defined by (HIV/AIDS.

“What defines you”

I am not defined by my (HIV Status)
Nevertheless, I have power and courage to define what is (HIV/AIDS).

HIV = Human immunodeficiency virus.

AIDS = Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

Those two both of them …. interferes with the body ability to fight infections.

I have power to define my dreams. I cannot be imprisoned by what I can dominate upon. I can’t keep myself enclosed and shackled and feel sorry for myself.

I have a goal I am determined and optimistic to discover my purpose and reach my destiny.

I am here to tell you that for 14 years living with (HIV/ AIDS. I’d never consider as a mean to shackle me but to inspire me to live a healthy positive lifestyle.

You can’t be defined by sickness, but you can dominate over your sickness by being positive. If you know the reason why you are here on earth you will always conquer.